Quality Assurance, Quality Control

Quality Documents, Documenting Quality

Complete Customer Satisfaction is important to us, and that is why here at Epscan we strive to excel beyond expectations. By identifying and developing the key processes affecting quality, our Quality Program promotes an environment where top quality products and services are provided to our customers consistently and efficiently.

Quality Program


Our team is committed to the development and implementation of our Quality Management System to ensure the products and services we provide are of the highest quality and standards.


As part of our Quality Program, Epscan has acquired ABSA and BSCA Certification for the construction of instrument tubing and ISO Certification for the design, manufacture and installation of Chemical Injection Systems (and other field equipment).

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

We live in a fast-paced world where technology and the demands of the industry are ever changing. That is why we focus on closely monitoring and evaluating the quality processes we employ for conformity and continued effectiveness. We are continuously improving our Quality System to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Quality People

Team Spirit

At Epscan, we are a Team. We strive to be the best at what we do by thinking as a team and working as a team.


Proper training is key to providing quality products and services. As part of our training plan, all field staff undergo formal apprenticeship training through ITA. Additionally, Epscan identifies the unique training needs of each individual within the company and ensures appropriate training is always provided.


In order to serve you best, we realize that effective communication is of the highest importance. From the first call to the final product, we ensure that all requirements and expectations are effectively communicated on all levels.

Quality Work

Material Procurement

Identifying and acquiring the correct materials quickly is essential for completing a project on time, on budget and within applicable codes and specifications. For this reason, Epscan houses a parts department consisting of knowledgeable staff and a vast inventory of Electrical and Instrumentation materials.

Planning and Progress Tracking

Quality does not happen on its own; it is the result of considerable thought and planning. Our Management Team knows this well and has taken the time to develop unique tools to assist in planning and tracking progress. These tools include versatile Inspection and Test Plans and our custom industry-tailored QAQC Tracker Program.

Inspection and Testing

Proper timing of inspections and tests is critical for identifying issues before they compound. There is nothing worse than wasting time, money and resources trying to fix problems that could have been prevented. Through the use of a project-specific ITP, our QAQC Tracker and strategically designed inspection and test forms, hold points are clearly identified and we ensure the proper steps are taken as work progresses.

Document Control

In the world of quality, documentation is everything. At Epscan we ensure all quality documents are complete, accurate and readily available at all times. Final turnover requirements are clearly defined at the start of every project and delivered in a timely fashion.