Building Excellence, Safely

“Building Excellence, Safely” has proven to be key when it comes to the success of Epscan. The truth is no one wants an injury. We maintain a serious commitment to all our Health and Safety Policies and Programs.

A big part of our success is continually inspecting and maintaining our job sites, buildings, and vehicles to an elevated standard of safety. Every day, on every job, an on-site safety meeting is performed to identify characteristics and hazards specific to the site. As our clients’ job sites continue to change, so does the need to reassess hazards. This is ultimately complemented by job safety analysis with updates throughout the day.

As Epscan’s clients continue to strive for safer job sites, Epscan is committed to delivering safety as an integrated part of our day.

This commitment to safety is Verified through the use of ISN, Complyworks, and Safety Sync Registries.

The commitment to providing trained and experienced professionals to our clients is one more way we are building excellence, safely. As Epscan’s Safety Program continues to adapt to changing client requirements, new technologies and methods continue to become available for use in this dynamic environment.

By analyzing our clients’ requirements and communicating in advance, Epscan is able to maintain a higher level of safety. We are able to put together site-specific Hazard Management Plans (SSMP), which allows for having the best controls in place when we arrive at a job site.

Time Since Last Lost Time Incident


The following safety credentials have contributed to Epscan’s 1.6 million hours of Working Safely:


Epscan’s People Are Family And We Are Committed To Ensuring That We Care For Them And Their Families As Best We Can.