Why Epscan

At Epscan We Take Pride In The Exceptional Service We Provide To Our Clients

Although we have achieved tremendous growth over the years, we have maintained a close-knit family feel that truly defines us. Relationships are important to us and we have always found that the best work comes from a culture that is supportive, encouraging, and designed to help our people achieve success.

We are proud of our history of training local talent for over 40 years, and improving the lives of the people and community that we live in.


Epscan is a family business, dedicated to creating valued relationships and providing quality resources within our community.


Enabling our team by developing their skills as leaders to provide every customer with exceptional service.


At Epscan, we believe in family, quality, honesty and giving back to our local community.

Family Run

As a business run by a local family, we understand the people, community and environment in North Eastern British Columbia. Our local presence enables us to react quickly and provide quality personnel without delay. Epscan has well established local and national contact networks, that allow us to provide value-added services to
our clientele.

Integrated Services

Epscan’s Owners and the Service Management Team are qualified tradespeople, as well as involved in the training of the majority of our field staff from First Year Apprentices, to Journeymen and beyond. This gives us the resources and expertise of a major industrial contractor, while allowing us maintain the personal level of service our customers have enjoyed for years.

High Quality

We are unparalleled in providing preventative Maintenance and Construction services, as well as material supply and sales. We also offer professionally trained, highly skilled tradespeople that provide consistently elevated levels of service. We are confident in the quality of the personnel and materials we provide.

Personal Service

When clients partner with Epscan, they receive the reassurance of us having over 35 years of experience in the area and over 100 years of combined experience in our trades… this is just with the Management Group alone! Our clients also receive the comfort of personal service where an owner is most likely to answer your call; 24 hours a day,
7 days a week!

The Epscan Way


Epscan team members are highly motivated, skilled, and passionate problem solvers. Our team is able to analyze and diagnose any emergency situation when they arise and take the steps necessary to contain and resolve the issue safely and quickly.


Epscan team members are highly trained and experienced. Epscan’s industry leading apprenticeship training program ensures our people have the skills necessary to complete any job, regardless of complexity.


Epscan works hard to ensure jobs are properly quoted and completed within the pricing given. If issues arise, Epscan is quick to meet with clients to find creative solutions.


Time is money. Epscan accurately estimates projects to identify any potential issues that may arise. This process reduces unwanted surprises and mistakes and leads to less down time and cost savings for the client.